Funlife is a brand with a designer background, and one of its two founders is Mr. Li Fuchun, who graduated from China Academy of Art. Now a collection artist of Australia White Rabbit Gallery, an independent installation artist, also co-founder and an artist of Double Fly Art Center. Mr.Li owns numerous art collection from all over the world, now dedicates himself in promoting Funlife brand oversea by display China tradition artwork around the globe, and eventually enhance China's art status.

The other founder is Ms. Wu Yanping, a CMBA of Jiaotong University, a member of Interior design advanced research class of China Academy of Art, a member of Visual marketing Bible advanced exhibition class of Exhibition Republic, also a certified lecturer of Alibaba Business School for small and medium enterprises.

Two founders were born and raised in Shanghai. They are big fans of Ikea since their school age. After they graduated, they had trouble finding convenient and beautiful decoration when decorating their houses. At that moment, the idea of Funlife was born; also, the slogan “Make decoration so easy.” Since then, Funlife has made great efforts to design a lot of stickers with both modification and visual impact, which are economical and beautiful! Now Funlife has a group of art designers to ensure that the monthly design no less than 30 types of products. The products are recognized and favored by buyers from China and abroad in terms of installation, configuration, and function.