Office Introduction

Creative & Leading Home Decoration Manufacturer for More than 10 Years

Funlife is a home decoration brand who provides you a one-stop modification products and solutions which always affordable, modifiable and visually striking for residences, accommodations and offices. We provide hundreds of products for imaginative DIY, including wall sticker, staircase sticker, door mural, decorative paintings and so on. These products are so easy to install or remove that you can easily modify a brand new living room without the assistance of others.

Factory Introduction

Self built factory with flexible supply chain capability and customized services

Our factory now has more than 1,000 square meters of standardized warehouse and more than 3,000 square meters of standardized production workshop, including nearly 30 units of various mechanized, automated and semi-automated equipment and facilities, including automatic printers, automatic cutting machines, automatic laminating machines, UV machines, automatic engraving machines, automatic packaging machines etc. And we also have a first-class and experienced design team to create your home decoration products.

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Founders & Design Abilities

Each product has original design copyright patent

Funlife is a brand with designer background. One of its founders, Mr. Li Fuchun, graduated from China Academy of fine arts, is now a collection artist of Australia White Rabbit Art Museum, independent installation artist and Shuangfei Art Center artist.
Another founder, Ms. Wu Yanping, graduated from CMBA of Jiaotong University, advanced research class of interior design of China Academy of fine arts and advanced exhibition class of display Republic visual marketing Bible.
The design center is set up in Shanghai and cooperates with designers from all over the world. It has first-class and rich designer resources. After 10 years of hard work, we now have strong brand appeal in many domestic and foreign wholesale and retail platforms, such as Amazon platform, fastsell platform, eBay platform, wish platform, Etsy platform, etc.
The design team of the company is combined with internal on-the-job and external cooperation, all of which are undergraduate degrees. The graduate institutions include China Academy of fine arts, Taiwan University, Brittany European Institute of higher art and many other art institutions abroad.
All products sold by funlife are original designs and have registered art copyright and related patents.



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