Q: What is Funlife selling?

A: Funlife sells multifunctional home stickers more than the common type of wall sticker or decal. Our products can provide one-stop modification products and solutions which always affordable, modifiable, and visually striking for residences, accommodations, and offices.

Q: Where are Funlife home multifunctional stickers made?

A: Funlife home multifunctional stickers are proudly made in the China, and our office located in Shanghai.

Q: What makes Funlife home multifunctional stickers so special?

A: Please put aside the stereotype for stickers. Funlife upholds the idea of easy DIY home modification and designs the stickers, which involves approach beyond your imagination. Besides the wall, you can use our product on the floor, door, stair, table cabinet, drawer, etc. Of course, we choose different materials for different scenarios.

Q: Which material does Funlife home multifunctional sticker use?

A: For different scenarios, We use the most suitable material after several tests.
For Example:

The luminous effect for the glowing sticker which is a wonderful way to kick up the kids room.The quality and glow in the dark effects are simply out of the world.


The highlight effect of the Gloss Film for Tile sticker ideally stimulate the visual reflection effect of ceramic tile. You might even think they are real tile for the first glance.


To improve the anti-skid and wear resistance of the floor stickers, we choose twill film for floor stickers to enhance the user experience without affecting the beauty.


Cross film for cabinet sticker, considering that cabinet and table could be easily damaged.


Air-release ECO-friendly PVC for headboard decal: The unique Air-Release design could reduce the air, so you don't have to worry about the bubble when you paste the sticker.  It has the advantage of convenience, saving them time and the smooth surface of the label.


Brushed silver Film for urban brick stickeBrushed material give the wall stickers a real rusty effect.


Wood grain Film for urban brick stickerWe try to use this material in stickers to make it feel like and touch like the real wood grain.


Q: Is the multi-function sticker 3D sticker?

A: Actually, besides the Backsplash Tile series, other series looks like have 3d effects are flat tiles, and we have particularly enhanced the visual impacts of imitation 3D in the design.
The expense of the ceramic tile renovation you: ceramic tile material cost + labor cost, and buy our merchandise, not only can you enjoy the fun of DIY, but also can save a lot of money.